Upset About All-Female Ghostbusters? Sony Has Some Words For You

tom-rothmanThis past Friday, November 20th, Sony Pictures Head Tom Rothman had some choice words for critics while attending the Paley International Council and talking with ESPN anchor Hannah Storm. Stating his official stance as, “You know, f*ck’em” when referencing fans who have beef with the new casting choice.

Rothman also went on to say,

Everybody says we’re making the female Ghostbusters, but I say, ‘No, we’re making the funny Ghostbusters.’ Yes, it happens to be four women. It’s original. You get pissing and moaning on the internet – sexist comments – but, you know, ‘f*ck’em. Do it or die, because the audience is diverse. I got the old Jewish guys covered

I think Rothman’s perspective here shows how Hollywood sees the fans and is right on point for the direction movies need to head while also highlighting the issue Hollywood is facing, spot-on. Hollywood seems to think they can re-make or re-boot any franchise and still make money, and they’re not wrong. People can’t get enough of re-boots and Hollywood sees that a huge commercialized generation is now old enough to want more adult-fueled content. But that doesn’t mean that every franchise needs to be re-booted.

I have no issue with an all-female cast of Ghostbusters because, quite frankly, there aren’t any actual male comedians right now that would have me interested. Sure, Seth Rogen could probably pull off a film like this, but it wouldn’t be the same style of humor as the original – it wouldn’t even come close. I enjoy Seth Rogen films when I’m in the mood for stupid-funny or when I want to re-live my college days, but Ghostbusters didn’t have the same vibe.

So what’s the answer to re-booting Ghostbusters? I don’t know. I’m going to watch the new film and if it sucks, then Hollywood should start re-thinking its re-booting obsession.

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