Transformers Gets A New Adult-Themed Animated Series

TFRID16658Transformers is getting a grittier and more adult-oriented animated series all thanks to a partnership between Hasbro and Machinima.

Back in the day, Transformers was the closest thing kids had to a dark cartoon. That may seem strange given the more extreme Adult Swim toons we’re used to now, but in the 1980s, violence wasn’t tolerated. Parents picketed production studios and religious zealots screamed bloody murder anytime a punch or kick was shown in cartoons. Artists and animation studios were deathly afraid of doing anything potentially controversial for fear of ruffling any feathers. So Transformers was the darkest animated series to hit Saturday mornings since Looney Toons were zonking one another with anvils, and it caused a ruckus.

So the fact that Machinima, the company that brought us Mortal Kombat Legacy, is teaming up with Hasbro to bring us Transformers: Combiner Wars – a series based off the toyline and successful comics written and produced by IDW (the guys who make the new TMNT, MOTU, and GI Joe comics) – leaves me hoping for epic stories with darker plots. Yes, this show is definitely on my watch list! An official release date is still unknown, but since the story originally broke at Comic Con in July (I know! How did I not hear about this?), I’m expecting the official release very soon!

Original Source: Hollywood Reporter

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