Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the Young at Heart


Christmas is a month away and I’m getting excited about buying and receiving gifts. I’m 30 years old, but opening a present puts me in a giddy mood. I feel like a kid again when I’m ripping through the wrapping paper. I know it’s childish, but I can’t help it. But the presents I enjoy most are the ones that remind me of my own childhood. So here are the top 10 presents to get that adult who’s still young at heart:

10. Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1980s Vol. 1914NezthlML._SX385_

While this isn’t the top tier toons you know and love, it still has some great episodes inside from shows like Dragon’s Lair, Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos, Mr. T, etc.

9. Optimus Prime ’84 shirt


This shirt is a cheap ($13) present that will make a Transformers fan’s Christmas more than meets the eye.

8. 80s Scene It


If you still live in the 80s or remember your childhood fondly, the 80s Scene It game will give you a chance to prove you remember more than your friends.

7. TMNT Collector Figure


Since TMNT has had a resurgence of popularity, it’s given us a chance to jump back into our childhood, but as collectors. This Raphael figure has 34 points of articulation and is $40 on Amazon.

6. Sublimation Masters of the Universe shirt


This He-Man shirt shows He-Man just after transformation. 80s Tees has some other great options y0u should check out if you’re not a fan of MOTU.

5. GI Joe Cobra neck tie


This neck tie is badass! I need this and so do you!

4. Skeletor 16GB USB flashdrive

Don’t be fooled by this Skeletor action figure. It’s actually a decent-sized USB flash drive.

3. Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1


Few things were as cool as Ghostbusters and legos for 80s kids. This would make one sweet present!

2. Transformers Complete Series on DVD


For $53, Amazon has the complete original animated series on DVD. For the 80s kid in you, this thing is a must-have.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Complete Classic Series Collection


For a bit more money ($85, but well worth the price), you can get the entire TMNT collection encased in the Turtle Van. I specifically asked for this!

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