The New Ghostbusters Trailer is Here

It’s finally here to give us all our official first impressions of the new Ghostbusters movie. The trailer gave us a look at Paul Feig’s vision of one of our favorite franchises. Having an all-female cast has been considerably controversial over the past year because of backlash from the original fans. I can relate; I’ve been worried that this new concept of the Ghostbusters would soil my memories of the original films or somehow diminish what Ghostbusters has meant to me. But this new trailer has me more hopeful and optimistic than I’ve been since Sony announced the reboot over a year ago.

I could spout off all the information from what was seen in the trailer, but why? The trailer speaks for itself. Instead, I’ll simply say this: I trust Paul Feig from his work with Freaks & Geeks and Bridesmaids. I’ve been worried about how this new GB film will be received, but this trailer has me excited and much more at ease. I can’t wait to see the next one because I’m withholding my official judgment until I see the film.

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