GI Joe Recruits Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead) For Writing Team

UntitledHollywood is ever-expanding while it changes the way it produces media for the masses. This is especially true for the team of Hasbro and Paramount whose Transformers franchise has been utilizing a Writing Room approach to recruit top talent to outline and define the next few films of the franchise. It looks like Paramount is now using the same idea for GI Joe by bringing in unlikely candidates.

Robert Kirkman, the creator and writer for Walking Dead comics, television series, and novels, has been recruited for the Writing Room currently developing the next stages of the GI Joe films. Kirkman, along with Akiva Goldsman (Transformers Writing Room guru), and Steven DeKnight (Daredevil), will be working together and fielding ideas of where GI Joe will go from here. With Kirkman on-board, who knows what will happen next. Kirkman is known for his grounded stories in character development, which would do nothing but take the film franchise in a healthier direction.

Original Source: Deadline

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