Power Rangers Get a Modern Update with BOOM! Comics

CaptureIt’s no secret that I’m in love with the Power Rangers. And no, I don’t mean the new series – although Mega Force wasn’t half bad. I’m talking about the pre-Zeo rangers. I’m talking about the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers – the original teenagers with attitude. BOOM! is tackling one of the greatest children’s shows of all time and giving it a modern update.

Kyle Higgins (Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy, Nightwing, and Masters of the Universe) is the lead writer and he does a solid job of translating our favorite 90s television show into the modern social-media and coffee-drinking era. Bulk and Skull begin the comic story recording a video for their 400,00 YouTube subscribers. Their channel focuses on all-things Power Rangers. They talk about their theories of where the Rangers come from and where they might be hiding their Zords. It feels similar to the earlier TV seasons that had Bulk and Skull obsessing over finding the secret identities of the Rangers. Capture

The story picks up in modern day, but with a revamping of the Green Ranger origin story. Two days have passed since the Green Ranger switched sides from Rita and joined the other Rangers to battle against her onslaught of monsters. But the city of Angel Grove isn’t quite sure how they feel about the Green Ranger following his short reign of destruction. Is it okay that he’s with the Rangers? Should he answer for his crimes? These are questions people are asking and it completely makes sense. Higgins did a great job of pulling some reality into this over-the-top world.

CaptureThe team picks up where they left off. Tommy and Kimberly have some steam starting to brew and Trini is still interpreting Billy’s Autistic rambling. Jason and Zack are still good friends getting into some innocent trouble. But Tommy is feeling conflicted about how he’s being perceived in the media. That’s an interesting twist since the original series never really addressed this. Not only is he plagued by his misdeeds as the evil Green Ranger, apparently he also has some kind of telepathic connection with Rita Repulsa that allows her to try and manipulate him. That could make things interesting depending on where they want to take the story.

Rita seems as devious as ever. She’s shown hatching schemes as to how to destroy the Rangers and rule the world, just like always. What’s cool is that BOOM! really didn’t spare any extra characters. Scorpina’s appearance surprised me since she just kind of faded away after the first season of the Rangers. Squat and Baboo also made the cut – which was awesome!

CaptureHendry Prasetya (Power Girl and Wonder Woman) created a cool art style that deviates from the cartoony elements of the previous comics. Instead, he opted for rougher lines with matted colors. This gave a more grounded feeling that works for what BOOM! is trying to do with the series. There’s a side-story that accompanies the main plot which is too bad because the art is completely different with a poorer quality and looser style. But the main story’s artwork and plot feel familiar. BOOM!’s Power Rangers still have a moral compass; the teenagers won’t curse even when their parents aren’t around. Wait… Where are their parents?!

You can feel assured that these Rangers are every bit as good as the original series, but with a few modern updates. If you can still grab a copy, be sure you do. I give the first issue of Might Morphin’ Power Rangers a 9/10.

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