Original Ghostbusters In Theaters?! Hell yes!

CULVER CITY, CA - MARCH 02, 2016: Fans at the Columbia Pictures' GHOSTBUSTERS Fan Event on the Sony Lot.

Sick and tired of seeing news about the reboot all-female Ghostbusters? Frustrated that you may never hear the phrase “there’s something strange, in the neighborhood” and have it refer to the original comedians that made the franchise great? Well, give up your sadness and anger, the original Ghostbusters film is being shown in theaters once again! On June 3rd and then again on June 12th, you’ll get the chance to see the original ghost-hunters get slimed once more.¬†Fathom Events, AMC, Regal, and Cinemark Theaters will be showing the film in over 750 theaters nationwide. So, if you’re boycotting the new reboot, here’s your chance to stick it to the Man.


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