No Humans For Transformers 5

Transformers-MoviesSince it’s been awhile since Transformers 4 released, the news buzzards have been circling the franchise for any little tidbits. One surprise has been the lack of casting information for any human characters. This has lead to some interesting speculation. With the lack of information about human characters amidst the recent news released which indicates a more Cybertron-focused story, we may be looking at the first Transformers film without a human protagonist.

While some writers have been asserting that this would be a step in the right direction, I’m a little worried about this. The Transformers film franchise has been plagued with terrible dialogue and barely feasible plots. This has worked against the film while also providing a platform for nostalgia-hungry adults who love seeing their favorite machines on the big screen. With all the money the previous films have made, it doesn’t surprise me that Hasbro and Paramount are going with what’s working (action and explosions) while letting go of the things that haven’t worked (human-centric stories).

This leaves me nervous because it feels as though Paramount isn’t understanding what the films and the fans desperately need. Transformers needs better dialogue with stronger writing. Keep the explosions, keep the action, but please fix the stories. We don’t need humans to be completely removed from the plot. Instead, we need better writing to ground the connection between the Cybertronians and earthlings.

While I’m nervous to see what Paramount will do without a human element, I’m very excited to see what ideas are cooking in the Transformers Writing Room with a Cybertron film. As information is released, check back with me for any new updates.

Original Source: Crossmap

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