Hoverboarding In Space Just Happened

Well, I can honestly now say that everything I imagined as a child, has come true. When Back to the Future II was first released, I was completely obsessed with the awkwardly pink, but somehow still futuristically cool, hoverboad that Marty McFly carried around. I needed that hoverboard. I’m being honest when I tell you that I’d tell stories to my mom about what I’d do with a hoverboard. I’d tell her things like, “I’d take it over the ocean and see how far it went over water”, and other things like, “I’d fight crimes and be a super hero.”


I never once imagined myself in space on a hoverboard, but it has now been accomplished. The incredibly gifted author, Ernie Cline, recently tweeted this pic of one of his apparent astronaut friends who is cruising around in the vastness of space on a Marty McFly hoverboard.

So now I’m forced to ask myself, have all my childhood fantasies already come true, or was I just not much of an imaginative kid?

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