Hi-C Ecto Cooler Making A Comeback

ecto-coolerHold the phone! There are rumors floating around that Hi-C is possibly bringing back the Ecto Cooler – the fruit punch drink from 1987 that accompanied The Real Ghostbusters animated series that was a hit with kids. This drink was a masterpiece. Ask any kid who grew up crunching the box and sucking from that little straw until their face turned purple just trying to get the last sip. Yeah, it was that good.

According to sources, Coca-Cola recently submitted a trademark application for Ecto Cooler which means they have an intent to use the product. This makes sense given the re-boot Ghostbusters feature film that’s kept the internet community abuzz over the past few months. It also makes me wonder what other possible little items may be rejuvenated from the past to support the upcoming marketing campaign.

Whether or not the movie is a success, I’ll be taking it in stride while I sip my Ecto Cooler punch through my impossibly tiny straw. Just think of how good this would be with rum….. Oh the possibilities.

Original Source: io9

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