Garbage Pail Kids

I was browsing through my local retro-toy shop and as I looked beyond the He-Man display, I found this gem: an unopened pack of Garbage Pail Kids! I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t seen a Garbage Pail Kid pack in over 20 years. I just had to open it.

Most of you probably remember these little guys. They caused quite a ruccus back in the 80s. One of the shop owners I was chatting with said these were banned in most schools across America because of the lewd nature of the cards. I guess Barfin’ Bart and Bony Tony weren’t ideal images for kids.. Who knew?

Garbage Pail Kids was a cards series that began in 1985 and was produced by Topps, Inc. This is the same company that made the popular baseball cards of the era. Each pack came with a stick of gum and 5 unique cards. Topps was eventually sued by the Cabbage Patch Kids brand for copyright infringement and ceased production by 1988.

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