Everything We Know About Netflix’s Voltron Series

NE9rHYBcBsfRda_2_aOn January 5th of this year, we were all gifted with the announcement from Netflix that Voltron will be revamped and available to stream sometime later this year. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming show:

Partnering with DreamWorks

Netflix’s announcement came with some fairly optimistic news that they’d be partnering with DreamWorks (Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, etc.). DreamWorks Animation has made some quality family films, so it can be assumed that the Voltron series will be a family-friendly show. This came as a disappointment for some fans since they were hoping for a more mature reboot, but given the success of the new TMNT series, family-friendly has proven that it can be just as entertaining as more adult-themed shows.

Multi-Year Deal

When negotiations finalized between DreamWorks and Netflix, they struck a multi-year deal. This is fairly standard practice, but it also means that if this show is successful, we could have years of Voltron shows to stream and become obsessed with.

2016 Release

While most details have yet to be disclosed, we do know that the series will release sometime this year. Depending on the marketing strategy and other important variables (like toyline production), we could see our favorite team of universe defenders by summer.

‘Legendary Defender’ Title

Voltron: Defender of the Universe adapted Japanese anime for American consumption. The ‘Defender of the Universe’ title is important to the franchise because it described the original series and a back story for the lions. Now that we know that the new series is titled ‘Legendary Defender’ my synapses have been trying to make connections in an attempt to guess the potential story.

Classic Premise

Nerdist was one of the first news sites to post information about the release and they had this to say,

it will follow the same classic Voltron formula of uniting five teenagers in gigantic, robotic lions to protect the universe from towering evil. Only through the power of teamwork will they be able to kick some robotic ass, take some robotic names, and stop a terrible intergalactic war.

As new information is released, this page will continually be updated. So check back to see what Voltron will have in store for us!

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